Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, and it can have a significant impact on your self-confidence. If you have missing, damaged or what you feel are “ugly” or “bad" teeth because of tooth decay and periodontal disease, you may feel self-conscious about smiling or speaking in public. 

It's a common issue that many people face, and it can have a detrimental effect on their mental health. Let's discuss the effects of oral health and missing teeth on self-confidence and the best options for missing teeth.

Having Missing or Damaged Teeth Can Do A Number on Your Self Confidence

Having damaged or missing teeth can make some people feel ashamed about their appearance. This can result in avoiding social situations or hiding your smile. You may feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or even depressed about your dental issues. This can have a significant impact on your confidence and overall quality of life. 

If you have dental problems, you may avoid laughing, speaking, or even eating in front of others due to fear of being judged or feeling ashamed. These feelings can also lead to social isolation and a lack of meaningful connections with others. 

You may feel that “My teeth are holding me back.” Maybe you feel like you can’t achieve your career goals because of how you think people perceive you or your fear of speaking in public. This can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

My Teeth are Affecting My Mental Health

A 2015 study showed that about 58% of people studied have difficulties accepting tooth loss whether they were satisfied with dentures or not. Many other studies have shown that people with dental problems, including missing or damaged teeth, are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. This is because they feel self-conscious about their appearance and may have trouble speaking or participating in social activities because of functional limitations.   In addition, missing teeth can cause facial sagging and jaw bone deterioration, causing a change in face shape, which can be a source of distress.

Dental Options for Missing Teeth

Fortunately, there are several dental options available to restore missing teeth. The most common tooth replacement options include full dentures, partial dentures, bridges and dental implants, which are the most permanent and natural looking option.

Most people are familiar with dentures as an option to replace missing teeth. They can be inserted and removed daily and give the look of natural teeth. However, while all dental options have their benefits, a dental implant is the best option for a missing tooth. 

A dental implant provides a long-lasting solution that gives the look and function of a natural tooth. Full-arch dental implants also prevent facial sagging and bone loss, which can occur when teeth are missing for an extended period. Implants can support a single crown, bridge, or denture, and they can last a lifetime with proper care. 

Dental Options for Damaged Teeth

If you have a chipped tooth, stained teeth, damaged tooth enamel or tooth decay, there are several options available to help you increase your confidence. 

For tooth decay, which can be painful and lead to serious infections, speak with your dentist about a root canal and what options there are for moving forward. If your teeth are simply stained from lifestyle habits like drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes, a simple teeth whitening service may be able to help. 

If you’re dealing with damaged teeth, a chipped tooth, small teeth, cavities on your front teeth, or some other cosmetic issue - dental crowns may be the best way to go. A dental crown is a permanent cap over a tooth that restores its size, shape and strength. It not only improves the appearance of the tooth but increases its strength and can treat dental cavities that are too large for fillings.

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