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Snap In, Chill Out

If your permanent teeth are missing due to a dental condition or injury, you may want to consider snap-in dentures as your replacement option.

Unlike conventional dentures, which can slip out of place, snap-in dentures are more stable and versatile. Screws — or dental implants — placed within your jawbone hold snap-in dentures in place. 

Typically, two to four implants are surgically placed in each jaw, under local anesthesia, to secure the new teeth implants into the mouth. Depending on how the bone graft takes and the implants are created for your needs, the over denture itself may be fixed permanently in place or it might be removable for cleaning.

If given proper care and maintenance, snap-in dentures can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Snap-In Dentures

  • More stable and secure than conventional dentures
  • Improved chewing and thereby, improved eating. It is easier to eat hard and sticky foods
  • Better fit to the jaw, with less friction on the gum — which ensures greater comfort.
  • No slipping while you talk or eat, which reduces slurs and mumbles
  • More natural looking than conventional dentures
  • Improves self-esteem by giving you back your smile and confidence to speak without anxiety

The Procedure

Your Restore dentist will discuss and set-up an individualize treatment plan with you. Including the time it takes to fully heal, the procedure for getting snap-in dentures can be a lengthy one, and your preferences are always considered.

  • To begin, titanium implants are placed into the jaw. At this point, 3 to 6 months is required to allow the implants and the bone to bond together, forming a strong anchor for the snap-in dentures.
  • The dentist places immediate (temporary) dentures, allowing the time for the gum to heal. Once the implants have been inserted, a connecting device (an abutment) is tightened down onto the implants to hold the dentures firmly in place.
  • The dentures are prepared according to the impressions taken and then attached to the connecting device.
  • Finally, full dentures will be created and attached to the connecting device.

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Caring for Your Snap-In Dentures

To get the most out of your investment over time, maintenance is the key to ensuring your snap-in dentures last and your gums are protected against disease and infection. If your snap-in dentures haven’t been screwed into place, it is critical to follow these steps before wearing them each day:

  • Clean your gums, tongue, and roof of the mouth with a soft-bristled brush
  • Rinse the dentures regularly to remove food or debris
  • Use a soft brush and non-abrasive cleaner to remove bacteria from the denture surface
  • Brush and rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash
  • Place the dentures in clean water in a safe area until used again

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