Full Dentures

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Full dentures are replacement teeth used when all of one’s natural teeth are missing.

Customized to fit comfortably on your gums, full dentures are held in place through bone grafting or the use of surgically placed dental sealants. The upper set of a full denture covers the roof of the mouth, while the lower set is horseshoe-shaped to create space for the tongue. Their base consists of a gum-colored plastic or acrylic, and the muscles in the cheeks, saliva and tongue keep them in place.

Restore Dentures and Implants offers three types of full dentures

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are temporary dentures for people who have just had their teeth extracted. Made in advance and used during the healing phase, these dentures provide the patient with some teeth for eating and speaking. Immediate dentures are worn for 8-12 weeks (or about 3 months)and keep the bones and gums from shrinking as the gums heal post-extraction.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are removable dentures customized for patients with no teeth in either their lower or upper arch. Conventional dentures are placed in your mouth after the gums have healed and the immediate dentures removed.

Implant-supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are anchored to at least two dental implants, giving better support and abilities to speak, laugh, and chew.

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Our Process

Denture Treatment Process

The denture treatment process begins with a consultation to meet with your dentist, assess your oral health and explain your tooth replacement options to you. If traditional dentures are right for you, you may need to undergo extractions or other treatment before you receive your prosthetic. Once your mouth is ready for dentures, we will take impressions of your gums and any remaining natural teeth. As we work with our onsite lab to create your new dentures and make necessary adjustments for comfort and fit, you will return to receive your final fitting, at which time we will coach you on how to use and care for your new dentures.

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