Immediate & Replacement Dentures

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Now & Later

The primary difference between an immediate denture and replacement of a conventional, or permanent, dentures is that the former is temporary. Immediate dentures are not specifically custom-fitted to the mouth like permanent dentures, so they don’t always fit properly.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are dentures placed in your mouth on the same day that your dentist extracts your teeth. You will wear these for the first several months after extraction, so you’ll have teeth while awaiting the arrival of your permanent dentures.

Prior to tooth removal, your dentist takes measurements and impressions, and these dentures are made on-site and inserted immediately once your natural teeth are removed.Immediate dentures improve healing by protecting tooth extraction sites. You will be able to chew better and learn how to speak, with no loss of smile.

Replacement Dentures

Crafted replacement dentures are for those who are currently wearing dentures are wanting new, upgraded ones. We can help fill what’s missing from your current dentures experience with new dentures that are affordable and ready in days.

Replacing dentures that no longer fit, are damaged or otherwise, improve your overall health, well-being — and smile!

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Our Process

Denture Treatment Process

The denture treatment process begins with a consultation to meet with your dentist, assess your oral health and explain your tooth replacement options to you. If traditional dentures are right for you, you may need to undergo extractions or other treatment before you receive your prosthetic. Once your mouth is ready for dentures, we will take impressions of your gums and any remaining natural teeth. As we work with our onsite lab to create your new dentures and make necessary adjustments for comfort and fit, you will return to receive your final fitting, at which time we will coach you on how to use and care for your new dentures.

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